RoHS Annex III and Annex IV – Current Status

During our RoHS quick update webinar on July 21st, we presented the latest update from Annex III and Annex IV exemptions were expected to expire the same day.

This was a hot topic for the participants of the webinar. After the webinar, we were asked to provide a follow up on the status of these exemptions, as for some a request for renewal was timely submitted. To provide you with a complete picture, we have created the full list of exemptions and their latest status. You can find and download the list by following this Link.

A total of 63 Annex III exemptions and 27 Annex IV exemptions were expected to expire on July 21st. 55 of which have renewal requests submitted in due time (at least 18 months before the due date).

The validity of exemptions for which a renewal request was submitted, is extended until a decision on the renewal application is taken by the Commission. If the application for renewal of an exemption is rejected the exemption shall expire at the earliest 12 months, and at the latest 18 months, after the date of the decision.

For the remaining 35 Annex III and Annex IV exemptions which expired on July 21st, a renewal request was not submitted, which means that these exemptions are no longer valid. In addition, a total of 12 requests for exemption renewals were decided upon by the European Commission on July 12th. 7 of which were approved and 5 were rejected.

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