Product Labelling & Information Requirements

Want to ensure that your product labelling complies with all regulatory requirements? Then get to know us and our solutions.

Product Labelling & Information Requirements

Manage environmental product labelling and information requirements efficiently and ensure market access for your products!


…Which environmental labelling requirements apply to our products and/or packaging? How do we manage national and international requirements?

…Is it possible to use one kind of packaging in different geographies and to be compliant with labelling requirements, such as the Green Dot?

…We want to make sure our suppliers apply the correct labels to products we purchase but do not have the relevant knowledge base available.

…We need a best practice approach for information to be displayed on our invoices, e. g. registration numbers and visible environmental fees.

…What information do we need to communicate to our customers, e. g. WEEE registration number?

…Is there an obligation to display recycling fees on our website?

…How should we inform consumers and professional end-users about collection and recycling options?

…What documentation do we have to have readily available, e. g. declaration of conformity?

Benefit from our experience and knowledge

The NovaLoop module ELLIE („Environmental Labelling & Information Inventory“) identifies relevant environmental and product related labelling and information requirements in your target markets.

By matching your products with current regulatory obligations in your sales countries, ELLIE identifies and compiles product specific national requirements on the labelling of products and packaging and related environmental information obligations, in a comprehensive and actionable report.
Additionally, you will receive a tailored overview outlining all mandatory environmental labels applicable to your products, including formatting instructions and sources.

Our main focus in the area of "product labelling & information requirements"

  • Conformity with product labelling requirements
  • Requirements for end-user and supply chain information
  • Visible fees and provision of registration data
  • On the topics: Regulated and restricted substances, waste labels, eco design and energy efficiency, reparability, and country-specific environmental labeling and information requirements.