Chemicals SVHC

ECHA candidate list update with far-reaching impact!

Since 08 July 2021, the candidate list of substances of very high concern for Authorization comprises of 219 substances. The newly added eight substances are

PDDP (CAS No. 210555-94-5, 27459-10-5, 27147-75-7, 121158-58-5, 74499-35-7 and 57427-55-1)
MCCP (CAS No. 1372804-76-6, 85535-85-9, 198840-65-2 and EG No. 950-299-5)
1,4-dioxane (CAS No. 123-91-1)
orthoboric acid, sodium salt (CAS No. 25747-83-5, 22454-04-2, 14312-40-4, 1333-73-9, 1333-73-9 and 14890-53-0)
Glutaral (CAS No. 111-30-8)
4,4′-(1-methylpropylidene)bisphenol (CAS No. 77-40-7)
2-(4-tert-butylbenzyl)propionaldehyde and its individual stereoisomers (CAS No. 75166-31-3, 80-54-6 and 75166-30-2)
– 2,2-bis(bromomethyl)propane-1,3-diol (BMP); 2,2-dimethylpropan-1-ol, tribromo derivative/3-bromo-2,2-bis(bromomethyl)-1-propanol (TBNPA); 2,3-dibromo-1-propanol (2,3-DBPA) (CAS No. 1522-92-5, 36483-57-5, 3296-90-0 and 96-13-9)

Whereas most substances were agreed to identify as svhc by the Member States Committee (MSC) in written procedure, the first three substances (PDDP, MCCP and 1,4 dioxane) were discussed in the MSC-meeting from 14-17 June 2021.

The new svhc are present in a variety of use-scenarios such as in the manufacture of polymer resins, oils and greases, use as fuel additives, adhesives and anti-freeze agents, corrosion inhibitor, paints and pigments, but especially MCCP are used in many products as flame retardants or plasticizers. Also, MCCP are currently under discussion to be added to Annex II of the EU RoHS directive!

Learn more how the candidate list extension impacts your SCIP dossiers, your REACH obligations and your future RoHS compliance.

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