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Learning & Training

We offer standard and customized training solutions for you and your in-house team as well as for your supply chain partners!


…New responsibilities have been added to your existing job profile and you are looking for access to a comprehensive but easy introduction to environmental product compliance tasks (for example SCIP, REACh, RoHS, WEEE, waste batteries, packaging waste, eco design, material data management, IMDS etc.)?

…Are you looking to expand your knowledge and to educate yourself or your team?

…Would you like to level the playing field and provide your suppliers with relevant knowledge on environmental product compliance requirements?

Benefit from our experience and knowledge:

NovaLoop’s training program SCARLET (“Supply Chain Remote Learning Tool”) offers three different levels of educational courses:

Our pre-recorded webinars are available at any time and provide you with general introductions to certain standard topics.
Please refer to the following link to view and access our free standard trainings

Our expert trainings will provide you with in-depth expert knowledge on complex environmental product compliance tasks. Access the web-based training platform conveniently and comfortably from your location, at a time that suits you.

Please refer to the following link to view, register and download our on-demand trainings:

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In-house trainings:

You or your team’s specific training demands will be addressed through our in-house trainings (in person or through a webinar). Based on your individual situation and existing knowledge base, we will tailor a training session that fits right into your needs.

If you are looking for a concept that allows you to access knowledge and information while working on concrete environmental product compliance issues (for example “How to design my supply chain communication processes efficiently?”) and developing a list of action items to mitigate risks, our workshops are the right solution for you.

Supply Chain Academy:
All our offers can also be made available to your supply channel partners. Our supply channel trainings have a special focus on issues that are specific to the respective actors in the supply chain and provide valuable and best practice advise to channel partners on how to handle environmental product compliance tasks (e.g. art. 33 REACH, RoHS, conflict minerals, SCIP and IMDS) efficiently and sustainably.

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