Initial Sustainability & Compliance Consulting

Our „Initial Sustainability & Compliance Advisory” offers an evaluation of your sustainability situation in the area of Regulated Substances, Environmental Performance and Design.

Initial Sustainability & Compliance Consulting

Together with your team, NovaLoop creates the basis for solving your compliance challenges.


…How do we ensure that we collect and/or provide all necessary product data in the context of environmental compliance for RoHS, REACH, SCIP-database or for WEEE-, batteries- and packaging-reporting?

… We are already using the IMDS system. Does that mean we have all data available that is needed for our complete material data management, including RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals and SCIP compliance?

…It is difficult for us to evaluate the environmental compliance data software solutions available on the market and to integrate the associated cost into our budget. Are there other possibilities?

…Do we have gaps in our current environmental data management set-up and if so, what actions should we prioritize in order to not run into trouble with our clients or supply chain partners?

…How do I integrate sustainability into my supply chain?

Our main focus in the area of "Initial Sustainability & Compliance Consulting"

  • Regulated Substances: RoHS, REACH, SCIP, CA Proposition 65, IMDS, Conflict Minerals ...
  • Environmental Performance: Sustainability of products, recycling management, extended producer responsibility for products ...
  • Environmental Design: Environmental labelling, optimization of environmental fees ...
  • Sustainability strategy: Integration of sustainability targets...