Season's Greetings


” Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.” – Martin Luther                                 Another challenging year is coming to an end. During this season, we take time to reflect upon the good things we have and would like […]
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IHK Webinar Circular Economy

Event hosted by IHK Karlsruhe: NovaLoop presents on “Circular Economy – Challenges & Opportunities for Sustainable Products”.

On December 8, the Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry will host a free virtual event (in German) on the topic of “EU Green Deal: Circular Economy for products”. We are looking forward to contributing to the webinar with a presentation on “Circular Economy – Challenges & Opportunities for Sustainable Products”. Further information about the […]
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Certificate Material Data Officer

NEW: Certificate course “Material Compliance Officer”

Not only companies in the chemical industry are facing a growing number of substance- and material-related requirements that need to be managed for a successful market presence. REACH, RoHS, SCIP, CLP, but also TSCA or the so-called California Proposition 65 require a wide range of expertise and technical knowledge. Responsible employees in the field of […]
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application, team, vacancy

Join our team – We are hiring!

First practical experience with sustainability projects and product compliance? Interested in the strategical consulting of our international clients?We are looking for a professional (m/f/d) to join our “Sustainability Services/Consulting” team as soon as possible!  Keen to join a start-up company and interested in an agile work environment with mobile office options? Our team needs your […]
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SCIP database, use

Germany: Clarification on obligation to use the SCIP database

Companies based in Germany will only properly fulfill their information obligations to ECHA under Section 16 f ChemG if they do so by submitting their data to the SCIP database. In its response to the “Kleine Anfrage” on “Taking Stock – Half a Year of the SCIP Database” (Drs. 19/32063), the German government clearly states […]
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RoHS Annex III and Annex IV – Current Status

During our RoHS quick update webinar on July 21st, we presented the latest update from Annex III and Annex IV exemptions were expected to expire the same day. This was a hot topic for the participants of the webinar. After the webinar, we were asked to provide a follow up on the status of these […]
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Chemicals SVHC

ECHA candidate list update with far-reaching impact!

Since 08 July 2021, the candidate list of substances of very high concern for Authorization comprises of 219 substances. The newly added eight substances are – PDDP (CAS No. 210555-94-5, 27459-10-5, 27147-75-7, 121158-58-5, 74499-35-7 and 57427-55-1)– MCCP (CAS No. 1372804-76-6, 85535-85-9, 198840-65-2 and EG No. 950-299-5) – 1,4-dioxane (CAS No. 123-91-1)– orthoboric acid, sodium salt […]
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NovaLoop webinars

NovaLoop Webinare: Our upcoming events

We are excited to announce our next series of webinars on Material Data Management & Compliance. Join us and learn how Europe´s transition towards a Circular Economy will impact your company´s material data management! We will provide you with an update on the latest developments on SCIP, Prop65, RoHS and REACH. The number of participants […]
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Recyclability, Environmental claims

“Recyclability” – only in theory?!

On supermarket shelves we find a colorful variety of logos and labels that advertise product packaging as “recyclable” and thus supposedly environmentally friendly. But what does “recyclable” actually mean? Only rarely is it transparent to the end user what exactly the claim refers to: Whereas some of the logos are based on a manufacturer’s own […]
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NovaLoop Spain News

UPDATE: Spain introduced plans to implement reparability index and labelling for electronics!

Despite supposedly harmonized environmental legislation in the EU, more and more diverging national requirements have been identified in recent years. This comes with great challenges for manufacturers and distributors of electrical appliances, for example with respect to labelling and information obligations. Since the beginning of 2021, France has been requiring an assessment and labeling of […]
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