Meet our NovaLoop team in Brussels…

… at the 3rd Product Substance Management & Regulatory Compliance Conference taking place on 28th & 29th of April 2022 in Brussels, Belgium.

We can´t wait to finally see you again! This week the NovaLoop team takes part in the Future Bridge Materials Management Series 2022 as an Exhibiting Partner and Speaker.

Use this opportunity to participate in this exciting and important hybrid event – either in person or virtually and let´s discuss some of the most interesting latest developments in substance management and regulatory compliance. Our Regulatory Environmental Performance & Sustainability expert Katrin Schneikert will present on “compliant material management in the overall context of a sustainable product strategy”, addressing challenges, opportunities and solutions in Material Compliance Management for manufacturers of complex products deriving from a highly dynamic and ambitious regulatory framework in Europe and the shift from a linear towards a circular economy.

We´re looking forward to supporting you in dealing with the EU sustainable products initiative, the correlation between material and eco-design requirements and market developments with regards to customer expectations of tomorrow’s products!