Importance of environmental transparency is increasing sharply!

A sustainable product, a sustainable company – terms we all like to hear and read and which companies usually use to their competitive advantage. However, the days when it was possible to determine at one’s own discretion whether and what is “sustainable” are over: the urgently needed transformation from a linear to a circular economy requires, in addition to ambitious sustainability goals, above all a level playing field for market participants. The associated increase in legal requirements for environmentally compatible and sustainable products on the one hand and the rise in importance for customers, financiers and consumers on the other, are two of the strongest drivers that are now impacting almost all areas of the product life cycle and, particularly with regard to environmental parameters, are increasingly requiring transparent product information.

The ambitious measures implementing the EU “Green Deal” as well as the first steps leading to the digital product passport, are only part of what companies have to consider today in the marketability and evaluation of their products. At EU Member State level, a wide variety of requirements are emerging in parallel:
A recent example is France, implementing Decree No. 2022-748 on consumer information on the qualities and environmental characteristics of waste-generating products, requiring comprehensive details for 22 product categories – including electrical appliances, batteries, packaging, textiles, building products and furniture.
Transparent information on the use of recyclates and renewable resources, reusability or recyclability, the use of valuable metals or rare earths, and the prohibition of certain environmental product claims are just some of the new requirements.

It is becoming increasingly relevant for market players to address existing environmental and sustainability requirements for their product portfolio sooner rather than later, thus ensuring their marketability while providing transparent communication about their products’ characteristics on a solid data basis.

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