Season’s Greetings…

For many of us the last year was a challenging one, both in terms of business as well as personally. We appreciate all the more our customers and partners which have placed their trust in us! The entire NovaLoop team would like to sincerely thank you for the great cooperation throughout the year. Again, this […]
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Welcome to oOKAPI: Products´ market access marks – finally future-proof!

oOKAPI is your simple digital solution for your complex marking obligations. Secure market access for your products today – prepared for the Digital Product Passport (DPP) of tomorrow! With oOKAPI you can easily and quickly identify marks relevant to your products, manage your sales units and best of all: oOKAPI takes care of monitoring regulatory […]
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Importance of environmental transparency is increasing sharply!

A sustainable product, a sustainable company – terms we all like to hear and read and which companies usually use to their competitive advantage. However, the days when it was possible to determine at one’s own discretion whether and what is „sustainable“ are over: the urgently needed transformation from a linear to a circular economy […]
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Meet our NovaLoop team in Brussels…

… at the 3rd Product Substance Management & Regulatory Compliance Conference taking place on 28th & 29th of April 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. We can´t wait to finally see you again! This week the NovaLoop team takes part in the Future Bridge Materials Management Series 2022 as an Exhibiting Partner and Speaker. Use this opportunity […]
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NovaLoop Extended Producer Responsibility

NovaLoop Series Part 4: Extended producer responsibility – Old principle with new requirements! What will be in the limelight 2022?

The concept of extended producer responsibility for products has held manufacturers and distributors in the EU responsible for the return and disposal of end-of-life products for many years. Although the applicable obligations are already well established for a variety of product categories, e. g. electrical appliances, packaging and batteries, the extended producer responsibility system is […]
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Product labelling

NovaLoop Series Part 3: Environmental labeling and information – what’s (not) coming in 2022?!

In the third part of our series „Product Compliance and Sustainability“, we are looking at the current developments of the increasingly important requirements for environmental labeling of products. What are the actual benefits of environment-related product information, which we already encounter in an incredible variety on a daily basis – and how do you keep […]
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Sustainable products

NovaLoop Series Part 1: Sustainable products – 2022 forecast!

 In 2022 “Sustainability” is still, or more than ever, an elusive and ultimately hard-to-define term. Not only since the EU Commission started into the new year by releasing plans to classify natural gas and nuclear energy as “sustainable” in the future, it has become a challenge for both companies and consumers to decide whether a […]
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Series, Sustainability, NovaLoop

NovaLoop series: Product compliance & sustainability 2022!

We are heading into an exciting new year. For the next four weeks, every Wednesday we will highlight one of the numerous environment-related product topics which will become relevant for market participants in the European Economic Area in 2022. NovaLoop’s “Product Compliance & Sustainability” series takes a close look at selected key issues that may […]
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