UPDATE FRANCE – New labelling requirements for smartphones, screens and TVs, notebooks are on their way

What´s the reparability-index of your product? On 30 October 2020, France notified the WTO of two draft laws on the reparability index of electrical and electronic equipment.

The “Decree on the Reparability Index of Electrical and Electronic Equipment” contains the modalities for application of the Reparability Index and obliges manufacturers, importers and distributors of equipment using a website, distribution platform or other online distribution channel in France. Consumers shall be informed free of charge about the reparability index of the respective equipment at the time of purchase through a label or an advertisement.

In particular, the decree defines the criteria and the method of calculating the actual index. The following aspects are to be taken into account within an evaluation scale of 1 – 20 points:

  • Availability period of the technical documentation and of the instructions for use and maintenance
  • Dismantling of the device
  • Time span for the availability of spare parts and their delivery times
  • Relationship between the sales price of parts and the price of equipment
  • Specific criteria for the respective equipment category

The “Decree on the modalities of the declaration, the marking and the general parameters for calculating the repairability index” contains the detailed specifications on the rating scale, colors and marking. The label to be used shall display red, orange, yellow, light or dark green color coding depending on the score obtained.

In addition, the sub-criteria of the index are defined. Each sub-criterion of the index is evaluated with up to ten points and multiplied by a set coefficient. A maximum score of 20 points per criterion can be achieved.

Both drafts are to be adopted in December 2020 and are scheduled to enter into force on 1 January 2021.

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