NovaLoop GmbH – SCIP

SCIP – a stumbling block on the way to circular economy?

The SCIP database is coming! And with it the pressure on companies to critically examine the up-to-dateness and quality of their material data.

At the moment, companies are still invested in meeting the requirements under Article 33 (1) of the REACH Regulation of the European Chemicals Agency. Under this provision certain companies are required to provide specific information about chemical substances in their products to either partners in the supply chain or to consumers. Now, recyclers shall also receive information on whether products contain so-called “candidate substances”. This new requirement has been established to enable the recovery of high-quality recycled materials s as a contribution to the recycling economy.

In their current design, the new information requirements go far beyond the existing framework of Article 33 of REACH. These obligations are rather overwhelming for small and medium-sized companies with a multitude of questions and tasks that have to be dealt with in the shortest possible time. The new obligation is currently scheduled to apply from January 5, 2021.

We are happy to support you and to make sure SCIP will not be an obstacle for your business!