NovaLoop - DSL Update

UPDATE: Declarable Substances List

On January 19, the IEC 62474 was updated. The international standard contains the declarable substances list (DSL), exemption lists, material classifications and material declaration data exchange specifications.

The list provides valuable support for manufacturers and suppliers in order to specify and control substances which are subject to regulations and may be present in electrical and electronic products. However, the list also contains substances which are declarable but not necessarily hazardous or restricted, such as critical raw materials.

This most recent update to the DSL reflects the latest additions to the REACH SVHC list and added a new substance category – halogenated flame retardants (relevant for display products, i. e. TVs or PC monitors). The latter update reflects eco-design aspects for electronic displays which will enter into force on March 1, 2021 (see EU Regulation 2019/2021).

Additionally, the exemptions lists have been updated to align the document with EU RoHS Annexes III and IV as well as China RoHS and to reflect exemptions that have expired, transitioned or got added.

Please refer to the IEC 62474 database to access the DSL and exemptions lists.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to hear more about how the DSL documents can help you with your material data management and technical documentation.